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Hoodia Gordonii resourcesQuestion: Will SuperSlim Hoodia work for you?
Answer: YES!

Question: I have been deceived by good marketing before, how do I really know that it works?
Answer: SuperSlim Hoodia does really work, it works for all people, you can try it for yourself (But do try it in the correct dosage and times in the day)

Question: Yes, sounds fine BUT, still how do I really really KNOW that it works for ME – With ZERO side effects and that it can suppress my cravings???

Answer: Anyone can buy two capsules for testing SuperSlim from your nearest SuperSlim Agent

Here is the correct way to test FOOD like SuperSlim:

1. Do not expect a BUZZ, or heart palpitations or actually anything… – SuperSlim Hoodia is a FOOD. It does not give you any feelings…

2. Test over three days – First buy two Sample capsules from your nearest dealer (You will have to go and collect them as well) and buy 2x 100gram (large) Cadbury Milk Chocolate bars.

3. Day One: Eat your 2x Cadbury Milk Chocolate bars as soon as you open your eyes, after 60 minutes has passed, see if you feel like eating a wimpy breakfast, or a macdonalds cheeseburger (If yes, buy three Cadbury chocolate bars and repeat day 1 test)

4. Day Two: Do not eat any chocolate or anything and note whether you feel like a wimpy breakfast or macdonalds cheeseburger

5. Day Three: Eat your 2x SuperSlim Hoodia Capsules and after 60 minutes has passed, see if you feel like eating a wimpy breakfast, or a macdonalds cheeseburger

See? – Quite simple for you to test SuperSlim Hoodia…

Wrong way of testing SuperSlim Hoodia – Taking capsules and seeing if you feel anything – You do not FEEL ANYTHING when taking SuperSlim Hoodia, no buzz, no nothing, in fact you will still be slightly hungry etc. BUT – You will be less hungry and the signals that your stomach sends to your brain when you are satisfied will be enhanced…

Now – After your testing – Remember how you felt the same when eating all that chocolate and taking 2x SuperSlim Hoodia capsules?

What was the difference? -> SuperSlim Hoodia does not contain all the calories of the chocolate… AND when taking SuperSlim Hoodia in the correct DOSAGE for your body type and at the correct times of the day – You will consume hundreds of calories LESS every day…

SuperSlim Hoodia capsules and tablets are 100% very pure high dosage Hoodia, there is no Caffeine, or any other herbs or stimulants added. SuperSlim Hoodia is an AMAZING food that makes you feel less hungry and the unique SuperSlim product starts working immediately!

And your agent will supply you with the SuperSlim Diets and lifestyle changing materials, only by reducing your calorie intake and doing some exercise will you LOSE WEIGHT!

The price for 60 Capsules includes postage/delivery anywhere in SA and is R350

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Suggested daily intake of SuperSlim pure Hoodia varies and your SuperSlim agent will advise you on your correct dosage based upon your weight and other factors. To ensure that you buy real SuperSlim products, please only buy from an agent listed on this website. You will also receive diet and lifestyle information and a FREE one year subscription of the to be launched later in 2010 –
** new Weight for Life system! **

SuperSlim has never encountered any side effects with the use of it’s SuperSlim Hoodia capsules and the San (Bushmen) have been using the same base food product for thousands of years as an appetite suppressant.