Weight Loss

Hoodia Gordonii resourcesTo lose weight you have to eat less calories than your body burns and do exercise.

Reliable information about losing weight is now as common on the Internet as grass is in a residential suburb. What no one is saying too much about is how to keep those pounds off permanently or stop that tube of belly fat from becoming a recurring event.

Just to recap – You lose weight by consuming fewer calories and doing some exercise.

There are no miracle drugs or tablets that will make you lose weight, yes, certain tablets help you to suppress appetite but other tablets may also kill you whilst suppressing your appetite, like tablets containing Ephedra (which are now banned in the USA) or Sibutramine and many more.

SuperSlim food supplements helps you to kick start the building of new eating habits. We have slimmers vitamins, formulated specially for people on calorie restricted diets to products that suppress appetite and thermogenic fat burners (only effictive with exercise)

This brings us back to the first part of the article – how to keep the weight loss from becoming a weight re gain.

The first thing is habits.
Snacking habits, snacking after meal times or late at night is the number one danger to weight loss. – Again appetite suppressants can help to make you feel less hungry but it is up to you to build new and healthy habits that can replace the snacking
(unless you want to keep on taking Hoodia for the rest of your life)

The second thing is avoiding unhealthy, high calorie fast foods and eating more fibre and fresh fruits and vegetables, have an apple and orange instead of a burger and super size fries with that…

The other thing is to cultivate new habits of… wait for the swear word: exersize.
Yip, that is one thing that us supersize peeps have in common, we do not like the ‘E’ word that much. If we were meant to run around the block we would have been born with wheels (or evolution would have evolved us some wheels instead of this nice comfortable ass that I can sit in front of my computer, or tv, on…)

Be all that as it may but walk, run, spin, gym and do so with regularity, this will cultivate a new habit of exercise and believe it or not, you will come to like it in time… Really!

Anyway, SuperSlim can be eaten to assist you with experiencing less cravings and help you to eat less, can provide proper nourishment to your body but it is still up to you to change your lifestyle.

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