SuperSlim Hoodia Gordonii

Xmas Specials 2016

The 2016 Xmas specials will run only until 31 December (or until stocks run out – confirm exactly what your agent will ship – prior to confirming your order)

Purchase two TripleX products and receive a R300 discount!  (Maximums: 2 per client – Check with your agent)


With any order between 5 and 15 December 2016, receive a free bottle of PowerSlim (Maximums: 2 per client – Check with your agent)


Sub Agent Specials (Only applies to SuperSlim sub agents)

Sub Agent orders between 5 December and 25 December will receive an additional product with each 5 products, orders already completed between the 1st of December and 5 December, receive an additional power slim with their next order.


Terms & Conditions of the Xmas 2016 Specials:

  1. Only ONE special offer per order (Either a free PowerSlim with 1x XXX  or 2x XXX products and R300 discount)
  2. This special is a limited offer and may be withdrawn at any time and without any notice.
  3. Maximum of Two products per client per special (2x XXX and 1x Order with free PowerSlim per client)
  4. Special expires midnight 15 December, Agents may choose to continue running specials until their stocks run out.
  5. Clients MUST confirm with their agents if there is still stocks (all offers are only until stocks last and may finish before 15th December)  CHECK WITH YOUR AGENT – CONFIRM exact numbers: Prior to ordering which products and quantities you will receive
  6. SuperSlim or any agent may at any time inform a client that the special offer(s) are closed or completed or that stcks are finished or that it is not possible to supply discounts or additional free products, at their discretion. – There is no “entitlement” to anything free or to any discount, it is a limited offer based on supply, regional availability and other considerations.